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For information about our upcoming events look here:

Monthly Celebration

We meet  at 10:30 am on the every second Sunday of the month



Easter celebration tomorrow at 10:30.  We will meet at 01962 SW Military Rd, Portland, OR 97219.   Call 503-709-3201 for details.




...creating a place where people of different religions and beliefs can come together in  peace and unity and celebrate the deepest truth: that ultimately we are ONE HUMAN FAMILY.  Whatever your spiritual practice, whatever religious community you belong to, Coexist Celebration Portland, an interfaith ministry, promotes understanding and acceptance among all races and religions -- in the Pacific Northwest as well as globally -- experiencing love and peace within so we can take it out into the world!   We invite Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Bahá'í, Hindus, and all the religions to coexist and be a part of the experience!

Coexist Sets World Record
Coexist Sets World Record

On September 11, 2011, in George Rogers Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon, 168 people perform Salat - The largest Multi-Cultural, interfaith group to perform Salat for the first time in history!  See our Lastest News and Happenings Page for more information!

“...Imagine all the people, living life in peace...” I want our children and grandchildren to inherit a world of peace. I want them to read about a time in history when humanity used to be at 'war' and they would wonder why. Like John Lennon's song, ...“you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one...”
—  Barry Dennis
The Celebration 
The Celebration

Gather the family the 2nd Sunday of every month

We encourage those who come to the Coexist event to deepen their Spiritual practice, whatever religion it may be rooted in, whatever religious community you may be a part of.

"Coexist" exists to create a place where we can gather together and celebrate the deepest truth that we are ultimately one human family. That is our united practice. Therein lies PEACE.

The Conversation builds on every Coexist Event with Outreach Outings, Spiritual Cinema, Music, Book Study, Dance Class, Retreats & Trips and more.

Join the Movement 
More information about who will be joining in on the Coexist Celebration Event is listed on the right of the page!

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Contact us to find out how you can join the Coexist Celebration movement
Thought for the Day 
Barry Dennis

Barry Dennis
Founder and Coexist Director

We share one religion,
and that is Love
We have one mission,
and that is Peace

Coexist Celebration
Coexist Celebration
01962 SW Milittary Rd
Portland, OR 97219
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