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 Affirmation ~

Give! as the morning that flows out of heaven;
Give! as the waves when their channel is riven;
Give! as the free air and sunshine are given;
Lavishly, utterly, joyfully give! 

  - -Anonymous  


A 'Blessed' Update

Many of you may remember a very special boy named, Blessing. ....  

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 Coexist Events 

The Coexist movement has evolved quite beautifully. Many people are stepping into the vision.   We meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  Sometimes we are work with the different communities, allowing the event to "organically" grow and then announcing the time and place. This will allow for greater collaboration and availability of presenters. 

 Events Calendar & News 

Please check our Events Calendar below for all upcoming events!
Our Celebrations are held monthly at 10:30, usually at 322 2nd St, Lake Oswego, OR, but occasionally at various sacred locations in the Portland area. We also have events such as movie nights, concerts, etc.

Our calendar provides details on dates, times, and locations. Please check back closer to each event to look for any last-minute changes.

Coexist events are given on a love offering basis. Donations greatly appreciated.
Come to Our Events! 
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